Molecular Variability of Fungal Pathogens

Bridge, P.D., Y. Couteaudier & J. M. Clarkson (Edits) ( 1998)
Molecular Variability of Fungal Pathogens

CAB International
●Foreword, Ulrich Kück
●Molecular Variability of Fungal Pathogens: Using the Rice Blast Fungus as a Case Study, N J Talbot
●Molecular Variability in Sexually Reproducing Fungal Plant Pathogens, J M Duncan, D Cooke, P Birch and R Toth
●Parasexuality in Fungi: Mechanisms and Significance in Wild Populations, A J M Debets
●Molecular Variability of Viruses of Fungi, K W Buck
●Activator-like Transposons in Beauveria Species, U Kück, S Jacobsen and F Kempken
●Fungal Pathogenesis in Insects, J Clarkson, S Screen, A Bailey, B Cobb and K Charnley
●Combination of Different Independent Molecular Markers to Understand the Genetic Structure of Beauveria Populations, Y Couteaudier, M Viaud and C Neuvéglise
●Assessing Diversity in Colletotrichum and Trichodera Species Using Molecular Markers, P R Mills, S Sreenivasaprasad and S Muthumeenakshi
●Variability in the Human Opportunistic Fungal Pathogen Aspergillus fumigatus, J P Latgé, J P Debeaupuis, J Sarfati and S Paris
●Reproduction and Population Structure in Phytopathogenic Fungi, Y Brygoo, V Caffier, J Carlier, Jean-Vincent Fabre, D Fernandez, T Giraud, X Mourichon, C Neema, Jean-Loup Notteghem, C Pope, D Tharreau and Marc-Henri Lebrun
●Variation in the Subtilisins of Fungal Pathogens of Insects and Nematodes, T M Butt, R Segers, S C Leal and B R Kerry
●Metabolites Influencing Pathogenicity of Nematophagous Fungi, L V Lopez-Llorca and C Olivares-Bernabeu
●Sources of Molecular Variability and Applications in Characterization of the Plant Pathogen Fusarium oxysporum, S L Woo and M Lorito
●Variability of Human Pathogenic Fungi, D Sullivan and D Coleman
●Mitochondrial DNA Differences Provide Maximum Intraspecific Polymorphism in the Entomopathogenic Fungi Verticillium lecanii and Metarhizium anisopliae and Allow Isolate Detection/Identification, M A Typas, A Mavridou and V Kouvelis
●RAPD-PCR for the Molecular Characterization of Beauveria brongniartii Isolates Useful as Biocontrol Agents of the European Cockchafer Melolontha melolontha, O I Ozino, P Piatti and F Cravanzola
●Molecular Evolution and Phylogenetic Implications of ITS Sequence in Plants and in Fungi, J Mugnier
●Neural Network Approaches to Interpreting Variability, L Boddy, C W Morris, A Morgan and L Al-Haddad
●Numerical Analysis of Molecular Variability: A Comparison of Hierarchic and Non-hierarchic Methods, P Bridge

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