Biodiversity and ecology of lichens

Aptroot, André, Mark R.D. Seaward.& Laurens B. Sparrius (Ed.) (2009)
Biodiversity and ecology of lichens
Bibliotheca Lichenologica, Band 99
E. Schweizerbart'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung
地衣類の生物多様性と生態に関する29論文(著者50名)を収載する最新の論文集。その多くは熱帯に分布する地衣類についてのもの。Herpothallon属(29種)、新属 Diaphorographis属(2種)、同Sipmaniella属(1種)、同 Synarthothelium属(2種)、またPlacopyrenium属(14種、3変種) については所属する全種を詳細に記載・解説するモノグラフを収載する。なお、本書はHarrie Sipman先生に献呈された。

A. Aptroot: Harrie Sipman - a life for lichenology 5
T. Ahti & A. Aptroot: Two new species of Cladonia from the Azores 11
Aptroot, G. Thor, R. Lücking, J.A. Elix & J.L. Chaves: The lichen genus Herpothallon reinstated 19
P.O. Bilovitz, B. Kneževic, D. Steševic & H. Mayrhofer: Lichenized and lichenicolous fungi from Bjelasica (Montenegro) with special
emphasis on the Biogradska Gora National Park 69
M. Brand, B.J. Coppins, P.P.G. van den Boom & E. Sérusiaux: Further data on the lichen genus Bacidia s. l. in the Canary Islands and Western Europe, with description of two new species 83
O. Breuss: A synopsis of the lichen genus Placopyrenium (Verrucariaceae) with descriptions of new taxa and a key to all species 95
P. Diederich & M. Zhurbenko: Sphaerellothecium phaeorrhizae and Zwackhiomyces sipmanii spp. nov. on Phaeorrhiza sareptana from north-eastern Asia, with a key to the species of Sphaerellothecium 115
J.A. Elix & G. Kantvilas: Further new species of Xanthoparmelia (Parmeliaceae, Ascomycota) from Tasmania 125
A. Frisch & K. Kalb: Chapsa species (Thelotremataceae) from Brazil 135
S.R. Gradstein: Annotated catalogue of the liverworts and hornworts of the Galapagos Islands 145
F. Högnabba, S. Stenroos, A. Thell & L. Myllys: Evolution of cyanobacterial symbioses in Ascomycota 165
H. Hertel: A new key to cryptothalline species of the genus Lecidea (Lecanorales) 187
C.M. van Herk: Climate change and ammonia from cars as notable recent factors influencing epiphytic lichens in Zeeland, Netherlands 207
K. Kalb, A.W. Archer, J. Sutjaritturakan & K. Boonpragob: New or otherwise interesting lichens V 227
H. Kashiwadani, A. Aptroot & K.H. Moon: New pyrenocarpous lichens in Japan, with the resurrection of the genus Trypetheliopsis for Musaespora 249
S.Y. Kondratyuk, I. Kärnefelt, J.A. Elix & A. Thell: New Caloplaca species from Australia 261
H. Kristinsson & T. Ahti: Two new species of Cladonia from Iceland 281
H.T. Lumbsch, R. Lücking & L. Tibell: Molecular data place Tylophoron as an additional calicioid genus in the Arthoniales (Ascomycota) 287
K.H. Moon & A. Aptroot: Pyrenocarpous lichens in Korea 299
M. Schultz, L. Zedda & G. Rambold, New records of lichen taxa from Namibia and South Africa 317
M.R.D. Seaward & A. Aptroot: Checklist of lichens for the Seychelles group 337
E. Sérusiaux & B.J. Coppins: Micarea sipmanii, a new species with arbuscular pycnidia from the West indies 369
L.B. Sparrius: Synarthothelium, a new genus in the Arthoniaceae with a thalline exciple, similar to Synarthonia 375
Tehler, E. Baloch, L. Tibell & M. Wedin: The systematic position of Schistophoron 385
Thell, J.A. Elix & U. Søchting: Xanthoparmelia lineola s. l. in Australia and North America 395
V. Wirth & F. Bungartz: The Lecidelletum crystallinae, a lichen community on gypsum crusts of the Namib Desert, characterized by the new species Buellia sipmanii 407
P.A. Wolseley & A. Aptroot: The lichen genera Cryptothecia and
Stirtonia in N. Thailand 413
A. Aptroot: List of publications by H.J.M. Sipman 425
A. Aptroot: List of taxa described by H.J.M. Sipman 435

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