The Mycota Vol. 11

「今日までの約30年間の菌類研究の成果はこのThe Mycota 叢書の中に読みとることができる」 (杉山純多編(2005)『菌類・細菌・ウイルスの多様性と系統』 バイオダイバーシティ・シリーズ 4 裳華房 第2部 2章 )
Kempken, F.(Ed.) (2002)
The Mycota Vol. 11 Agricultural Appliances
(ザ菌類 第11巻 農業分野での利用)

ISBN 3-540-42628-0
価格 30,000円(税込み、送料別)
納期 10日前後(在庫)


Food and Fodder Production
1 Application and Potential of Molecular Approaches to Mushrooms
Paul A. Horgen and Alan Castle
2 Straw Enrichment for Fodder Production by Fungi Jalc.
3 Food and Crop Spoilage on Storage
Jan Dijksterhuis and Robert A. Samson

Mycotoxins and Detoxification
4 Genetics and Biosynthesis of Aflatoxins and Sterigmatocystin
Julie K. Hicks, Kiminori Shimizu, and Nancy P. Keller
5 Molecular Genetics of Lignin-Degrading Fungi and Their Applications in Organopollutant Degradation
Daniel Cullen

Disease Control, Diagnostic, and Management
6 Biological Control of Fungal Plant Pathogens
Yigal Elad and Stanley Freeman
7 Use of Entomogenous Fungi for the Control of Insect Pests
Tariq Butt
8 Biological Control of Weeds
Harry C. Evans
9 Molecular Variability Studies of Magnaporthe grisea and Their Application in Disease Control
Nicholas J. Talbot
10 Transposable Elements in Fungal Pathogens: New Diagnostic Tools
Diana Fernandez and Thierry Langin
11 Disease Management of Phoma Infections
Kerstin Voigt and Johannes W. Wostemeyer
12 Management of Fusarium Diseases
Kerstin Voigt
13 Disease Management of Rusts and Powdery Mildews
Holger B. Deising, Sven Reimann, Andreas Peil, and W. Eberhard Weber

Update on Host-Parasite Interactions
14 Signal Transduction Pathways in Phytopathogenic Fungi
Michael Bolker
15 Avirulence Determinants and Elicitors
Wolfgang Knogge
16 Fungal Phytotoxins
Daniel G. Panaccione, R. D. Johnson, Jack B. Rasmussen, and T.L. Friesen
17 The Contribution of Cell Wall Degrading Enzymes to Pathogenesis of Fungal Plant Pathogens
Arjen ten Have, Klaus B. Tenberge, Jacques A. E. Benen, Paul Tudzynski, Jaap Visser, and Jan A. L. van Kan
18 Coevolution of Pathogenic Fungi and Grass Hosts
Jacques Mugnier

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