The Mycota Vol. 10

「今日までの約30年間の菌類研究の成果はこのThe Mycota 叢書の中に読みとることができる」 (杉山純多編(2005)『菌類・細菌・ウイルスの多様性と系統』 バイオダイバーシティ・シリーズ 4 裳華房 第2部 2章 )
Oseiewacz, H.D.(Ed.) (2002)
The Mycota Vol. 10 Industrial Applications
(ザ菌類 第10巻 工業的利用)

ISBN 3-540-41583-1
価格 30,000円(税込み、送料別)
納期 12日以内(在庫)

Traditional Food and Beverage Fermentation
1 Production of Bread, Cheese and Meat
M. Jakobsen, M. Dines Larsen, and L. Jespersen (With 4 Figures)
2 Asian Fungal Fermented Food
M.J.R. Nout and K.E. Aidoo (With 15 Figures)
3 Production of Beer and Wine
W. Hartmeier and M. Reiss (With 5 Figures)

Metabolites and Enzymes
4 b-Lactam Antibiotics: Aspects of Manufacture and Therapy
F.R. Schmidt (With 8 Figures)
5 Non-b-Lactam Antibiotics
T. Anke and G. Erkel (With 10 Figures)
6 Insecticidal and Nematicidal Metabolites from Fungi
H. Anke and O. Sterner (With 6 Figures)
7 Immunosuppressants
H. Kurnsteiner, M. Zinner, and U. Kuck (With 11 Figures)
8 Ergot Alkaloids
U. Keller and P. Tudzynski (With 8 Figures)
9 Biosynthesis, Biological Role and Application of Fungal Phytohormones
B. Tudzynski and A. Sharon (With 5 Figures)
10 Production of Organic Acids by Fungi
G.J.G. Ruijter, C.P. Kubicek, and J. Visser (With 6 Figures)
11 Vitamins
K.-P. Stahmann (With 6 Figures) .
12 Fungal Carotinoids
G. Sandmann and N. Misawa (With 5 Figures)
13 Plant Cell Wall Degrading Enzymes Produced by Aspergillus
R.P. de Vries, J.A.E. Benen, L.H. de Graaff, and J. Visser (With 3 Figures)

Conversion of Substrates and Recovery of Metals from Solutions
14 Industrial Biotransformation With Fungi
T. Zelinski and B. Hauer (With 6 Figures)
15 Biodegradation by White-Rot Fungi
J.P. Ralph and D.E.A. Catcheside (With 4 Figures)
16 Biodegradation by Brown Rot Fungi
S.T. Bagley and D.L. Richter (With 2 Figures)
17 Bioconversion of Coal by Fungi
D.E.A. Catcheside and J.P. Ralph (With 4 Figures)
18 Biosorption of Metals
M. Zimmermann and K. Wolf

Recent Developments and Strategies
19 Genetic Improvement of Bioherbicides
A.L. Pilgeram, L.D. Carsten, and D.C. Sands
20 Formulating Mycoherbicides
D.J. Daigle and W.J. Connick, Jr
21 Heterologous Protein Production in Mycelial Fungi
F.H.J. Schuren (With 2 Figures)
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