Forest Pathology

Lundquist, J.E. & R.C. Hamelin (2005)
Forest Pathology: From Genes to Landscapes

APS Press
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Origin of This Book • Forest Pathology in the Era of Genomics • Application of Molecular Genetic Tools to Studies of Forest Pathosystems • Assessing Forest-pathogen Interactions at the Population Level • Population Genetics of Bark Beetles and Their Associated Blue-stain Fungi with the use of Molecular Markers • Invasion and Naturalization of Terrestrial Ecosystems by a Host-Dependent Microbes • Molecular Analysis of Fungal Pathogenesis in Forest Pathogens • Sapstain in Trees, Logs and Lumber: Fungi, Pigment, and Pigment Biosynthetic Pathways • Transgenic Approaches to Increase Pathogen Disease Resistance in Forest Trees: A Case Study with Poplar • Operational Uses of Disease Resistance in Conifer • Tree Improvement Programs • Forest Disease Impacts on Wildlife: Beneficial? • Impacts of Diseases and Other Disturbances on Non-Timber Forest Resources: A Case Study involving Small Mammals • Characterizing Regional Forest Health and Sustainability—A Case Study Using Diameter Distributions, Baseline Mortality, and Cumulative Liabilities • Exotic Ecosystems: Where Root Disease Is Not a Beneficial Component of Temperate Conifer Forests • Use of Spatial Statistics in Assessing Forest Diseases • Patterns in Diseased Landscapes: A Case Study of a Lodgepole Pine Forest infected by Dwarf Mistletoe • Landscape Pathology—Forest Pathology in the Era of Landscape Ecology • Forest Pathology in the Era of Integration and Synergy • Subject Index • Scientific Names

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