Ophiostomatoid Fungi - Expanding Frontiers

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CBS Biodiversity Series 12
Seifert, Keith A., Z. Wilhelm de Beer & Michael J. Wingfield (edti's) (2013)
「Ophiostomatoid Fungi - Expanding Frontiers」

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This book includes 21 papers divided among five themes, plus an appendix. It is a sequel to Ceratocystis and Ophiostoma: Taxonomy, Ecology, and Pathogenicity, published by the APS Press in 1993, and like that book isderived from an international symposium, this one held on North Stradbroke Island, Australia prior to the 9th International Mycological Congress. A year before this volume was completed, mycological taxonomy formally abandoned the historical two name system, known as dual nomenclature, and we are now adopting a single name binomial system. The appendix to this book provides a preliminary view of the nomenclature of the ophiostomatoid fungi using the new single name system. In an attempt at consistency, this naming system is used in all chapters.(出版社の紹介文を引用)

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