Systematics and Evolution of Fungi

Misra, J.K., J. P. Tewari & S. K. Deshmukh (Edits.)(2012)
「Systematics and Evolution of Fungi」(菌類の系統分類と進化)

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価格 11,980円(税込み)、送料500円(レターパック)、納期約1週間(少部数在庫)
 菌類の系統分類と進化をテーマとする論文集。 きのこ好きには、1番、7番、8番、および9番の4論文が興味深い。
1.「Integrating Morphological and Molecular Data in Fungal Systematics」(菌類系統分類学における形態データと分子データとの統合) David L. Hawksworth
2.「The Systematics and Evolutionary Perspectives of Fossil Fungi」 S.K.M. Tripathi
3.「From Zoospores to Molecules: The Evolution and Systematics of Chytridiomycota」 Martha J. Powell and Peter M. Letcher
4.「Current Systematics of Zygomycotan Fungi with Brief Review on their Biology」 Gerald L. Benny
5.「Evolution of Trichomycetes」 Robert W. Lichtwardt
6.「Systematics of Stachylina and Smittium—The Two Largest Genera of Harpellales, Zygomycota」 J.K. Misra
7.「Phylogentic Analysis within Genera Morchella (Ascomycota, Pezizales) and Macrolepiota (Basidiomycota, Agaricales) Inferred from rDNAITS and EF-1a Sequences」(rDNA ITSとEF-1a の配列から推定される、子のう菌アミガサタケ属と担子菌カラカサタケ属の系統分析)
Gayane S. Barseghyan, Anush Kosakyan, Omoanghe S. Isikhuemhen, Maryna Didukh and Solomon P. Wasser
8.「Phylogenetic Conundrum of the Mushroom-forming Fungi (Agaricomycetes)」(きのこ形成菌の系統上のなぞ) Ivan V. Zmitrovich and Solomon P. Wasser
9.「Phylogenetic Analyses of Phellinus s.l., and Inonotus s.l. (Hymenochaetales) Inferred From rDNA ITS Sequences and Morphological Data 」(形態データとrDNA ITS 配列から推定される広義のキコブタケ属と広義のカワウソタケ属の系統分析) Daniel Tura, Ivan V. Zmitrovich, Solomon P. Wasser, Dina Raats and Eviatar Nevo
10.「Morphological and Molecular Taxonomy of Highly Toxigenic Fusarium Species From Small Cereal Grains in Northern Europe and Asia」 Tapani Yli-Mattila
11.「Understanding the Phylogeny of the Alternarioid Hyphomycetes, What can the Consequences be in Taxonomy?」 Philipp B. Gannibal
12.「Biomarker Discovery for Rapid Diagnosis of Invasive Candidiasis through Protein Profiling, A Review」 Jalpa P. Tewari, Sanjiv Tewari and William G. Gardner
13.「Comparative Methods in Fungal Evolutionary Biology, Theory, Examples and Potential Applications」Lazlo G. Nagy, Tamas Papp & Csaba Vagvolgyi

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